Bread Baking Day #55 – coloured Bread

Bread Baking Day #55 – coloured Bread

It was this summer when I participated in the Bread Baking Day the first time. I was a little bit afraid because I have seen all the great roundups with fantastic breads for this event that had been created by Zorra several years ago, and I was everything else than experienced in baking a bread. But how would I become experienced without challenges? Never! And from this point I participated in this event on a regular basis to learn, learn and learn. Have you ever seen the roundup for the world bread day? That’s just WOW! 343 breads are a lot of inspiration.

Now I volunteered to be the host of a Bread Baking Day. I knew that there was a big chance that Zorra will tell me that I’m not experienced enough at the moment or something like this – but no, Zorra agreed!

I thought that coloured breads will be a nice topic for this event but unfortunately  there was a BBD with coloured breads before. I clicked on the roundup and received a message that this blog does not exist anymore. So I asked Zorra if it would be possible to have a BBD with coloured breads again and she approved this.

Wherever you are – here in Germany it is winter and everything is cold and grey… so why the heck should colour be the topic of this BBD? Because it’s December! We bake coloured cookies, have coloured lights and pictures in the windows, a coloured christmas tree and gifts in coloured paper under the tree – there is a lot of colour in December, sometimes you just have to have a closer look to see it. I’m verry excited how you will bring colours in your bread.

How to participate in BBD #55:

  • Bake a bread with at least 3 colours – you can use 3 different coloured ingredients or maybe you will bring some colour in the dough itself?
  • It doesn’t matter if you bake a sweet or savoury bread
  • Take a picture of your bread and blog about it
  • The recipe should be written in english (which is prefered) or german language
  • Please link back to this announcement
  • I would kindly ask you to submit your recipe, the link and the picture of your bread with the submission form below and to leave a comment with a link to your bread to give me the chance to double-check if I have included all your breads in the roundup.
  • Last day of submission is January  1st, 2013

I’m looking forward to read about all the tasty breads you will bake this month!

Warm regards,


By the way – have you ever seen the roundup of BBD#54 that was hosted by Stefanie from Hefe und mehr? She received 16 recipes for overnight bread from all over the world!

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    • katha-kochtkatha-kocht meint

      Hi Conny,

      I’ve seen these baskets full of pumpkins on your blog! I’m really excited what you will bake for this BBD…

  1. meint

    Hallo Katha

    da hast du dir ja eine anspruchsvolle Aufgabe ausgedacht- finde ich zumindest, und bin gespannt was mir dazu einfällt…. und anderen.

    Danke für die spannende Aufgabe
    meint Ninive

    • katha-kochtkatha-kocht meint

      Hallo Ninive,
      ich bin auch gespannt was dir und den anderen dazu einfällt! Ich hoffe, dass das Thema nicht zu kompliziert ist…eher, dass man der Kreativität freien Lauf lassen kann. Ich freue mich auf deinen Beitrag!

      Viele Grüße,

    • katha-kochtkatha-kocht meint

      Liebe Zorra,
      danke für deine Zapfenbrötchen. Die sehen super lecker aus. Ich habe zwar einen Moment gebraucht um die drei Farben zu entdecken, aber ich denke braune Brötchen, goldene Walnüsse und etwas Mehlstaub obendrauf passen ganz gut 😉

    • katha-kochtkatha-kocht meint

      Hallo Ninive,
      der sieht wirklich lecker aus! Mir ging es ähnlich wie dir – durch die Feiertage stand der BBD etwas hinten an. Aber besser spät als gar nicht.

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